succulentS Looking for low maintenance? Succulents make for great (and easy to care for) summer 




spring planters Nothing says “warm weather”  quite like seeing bright yellow daffodils bloom
Fall planters cabbage, grasses, and mums are our favorite ways to make it pretty 
Holiday planters From traditional holiday containers to seasonal winter looks, we do it all

container gardens

We  love everything we do at Wubby Designs, but container gardens are the closest to our heart. Mixing the colors and textures of different plants, then watching them flourish as the seasons pass, to us, that’s magic.
We specialize in creating unique and beautiful container gardens for any budget. Each client’s garden planters are unique to their space, home, and style. We keep detailed notes of your favorite colors and styles you love (and the ones you don’t, too).

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summer planters So many colors and looks to choose from for all areas of light