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​​​Our third generation of garden and design enthusiasts, Little Helper #1 and Little Helper #2, love helping mom at clients’ homes and always happily accept snacks (especially ice cream). They’re also both always willing to pitch in on any task, whether it’s hand pruning (and we promise, they do know what they are doing), weighing in on color and flower combinations, or keeping pets company.

 Our consultant, Big Papa, also referred to as "the gorilla," keeps a low profile, but don’t let that fool you. He has brilliant suggestions, provides daily laughs, and brings more than 70 years of knowledge and experience to every garden project. A trained horticulturist, certified tree expert and former supervisor of parks and shade tree of Maplewood, his understanding of local flora is unmatched.

​​​​​Founder Carolyn Meeker Wubbenhorst began growing the roots of Wubby Designs at the age of 6, when she became an apprentice to her father—a horticulturist, certified tree expert, and artist—in the gardens he tended near their home in New Jersey. At this early age, she learned the art of hand pruning trees, and planting flowers and shrubs, plus the importance of family and collaboration.

As an adult, and under the tutelage of Martha Stewart Living, Carolyn learned first-hand the importance of good design and getting it right the first time, ensuring that every Wubby Designs project is practical to your lifestyle (while being pretty, too, of course). This is also where she learned how to grow a business and how to cultivate the future using only her creativity and a respect for the beauty of the environment. This understanding of the natural world combined with a love of design and all things creative is what sets Wubby Designs apart.



Our name sake, Mr. Wubb, usually plays a large role behind the scenes, but if you're lucky you might get to see him do some heavy lifting (literally).  Working alongside Carolyn for years, he is equally opinionated on the design process and offers great insight and ideas.


meet the family

The roots of wubby designs runs dep with in the family.  to ensure that the family is connect and committed to helping the business flourish, carolyn often calls on their expertise, suggestions, ideas, and their hands and muscles to help projects come to life. there are also some little apprentices showing some real commitement and talent.