WHAT does wubby stand for?

W – Wonderful – it's not only what we strive for as a reaction, but our Grandma's favorite and most used word, so it is a very dear concept to us

U – Unique – you aren’t cookie cutter, and we aren't either. We create something original, and especially for you, every time

B – Beautify – we work with what you have to maximize the prettiness of your life

B – Bloom – this is not just about flowers, although we do love them, we are all about growing and flourishing from the aesthetic choices we make together to your day to day life.

Y – You
– we are all about you and your life and design with that in mind


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Wubby is a passion for keeping the creative side alive and to help everyone thrive in the everyday.

The majority of us are faced with the fun-ruining realities of life—jobs, bills to pay, and kids, parents, or animals to take care of. It seems like life keeps moving faster and faster while we have less time to do the things that make us happy.

 Wubby is about making the time to enjoy life and do things that make you happy. We want to design, craft, create, whatever, for and with you. If you want to jump in to a project and get your hands dirty, we will jump in alongside you and show you the way. If you want to keep your hands clean (manicures aren’t cheap, after all), we can take care of every detail you could think of (and a lot that you won’t). We want you to be able to live your life to the fullest: Wubby is a place to share your talents and be happy.