Carolyn informally started her business back in the early 2000's, when she would spend weekends and days off working in the gardens of her neighbors, (one being an avid gardener and farmer). Over the years, she continued to use her free time to work on gardening projects for others and began acquiring a following through word of mouth. While most people enjoy their spring and summers at barbeques or at the beach, Carolyn’s dedicated hers to helping others in their gardens.

Among those friends and clients, Carolyn grew the reputation of being the one to call for any type of creative project. Being asked to help paint a nursery led to her first mural. Learning to use Publisher led her to designing wedding invitations. And soon this part-time “hobby” had become a full-time business: Wubby Designs officially became Carolyn’s passion-driven project in 2014.

Since then, Carolyn has worked on a range of projects for clients, including gardens, organization, and most recently, holiday decorating. From container gardens to wall murals to HOLIDAY DECOR, Carolyn and her team are willing to dig in and do the hard work, literally getting their hands dirty to MAKE IT PRETTY and MAKE YOU HAPPY.

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our story

Carolyn Meeker Wubbenhorst was practically born designing. A childhood spent creating, crafting with her mother, and gardening alongside her father, led to a career in product development and design at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. And although working for Martha was something of a dream job, the desire to start her own company and share her eye for design and gift for organization directly with clients was always tooling around Carolyn’s head.